Start Up Grants – Limited Availability!

Startup Grants are now available to recently licensed or soon-to-be licensed programs.

Programs can apply for up to $1000 to help with start-up costs. Startup grants cover items that are required to open your license including reimbursement for approved required training, Fire Marshal fees, and equipment and materials required to open a child care license.

Programs must have had their initial visit with their licensor before submitting an application. Applicants need to attach a letter of recommendation from their licensor with the application.  All items requested should be included in the letter from the licensor (subject to Grant Administrator and Grant Committee approval).

If a program is in the process of getting licensed while a Startup Grant is awarded, they must submit a copy of the active license before reimbursement will be made.

Please send applications to:

Families First of Minnesota
Attn: Dawn Eckhoff/Grants
126 Woodlake Dr. SE
Rochester, MN 55904

For questions or additional information, please contact Dawn Eckhoff, Southern District Grants Coordinator, at or 507-424-1525 or 1-800-462-1660 ext. 1525.