Regional Grants are now available to any early childhood program or provider who is licensed, is soon-to-be licensed, or is exempt from licensing, are eligible to apply. Applicants must have a Develop Membership and an Organization ID on Develop to qualify.

Do you need a fence, an updated safer crib, classes on child development, or new curriculum and assessment? These are the types of improvements to child care programs made possible by the Child Care Aware Grants Program. Please read through the guide to see the approved items you can apply for and what category they fall into on the application.

You will be required to complete 12 or 16 hours of approved training. The cost of participating in this required training is your responsibility; you may choose to include the cost of the required training as part of your grant application. The timeline for completing the training requirement will be outlined in your award letter if you receive this grant. The required training must be approved training accessed via Develop; the following is the link to access Develop for all of your training needs,

Startup Grants are now available to recently licensed or soon-to-be licensed providers. Startup grants cover items that are required to open your license. Examples are cost of approved training to open your lecense, Fire Marshal costs, items that are required to open your Child Care License. If you are in the process of getting licensed and you are awarded a startup grant-you must submit a copy of your license before reimbursement will be made.