Who are Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) Caregivers?

They are a large and important group of Minnesotans who care for the children of family members, friends, or neighbors on a regular basis. For many parents in Minnesota, Family Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) caregivers are their primary childcare arrangement, aiding them in getting to work or school each day.

How can Families First Help?

Families First of Minnesota is here to help by providing resources and support services for all FFN caregivers including free Support Kits. To help support caregivers in southern district, we developed free kits that contain children’s toys, books, art, health, and safety supplies.

Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregiver Testimonials

Training Requirements for Family, Friend & Neighbor Caregivers

While training is important for all caregivers, only caregivers who receive Child Care Assistance funds are required to take CPR and First Aid and an additional 8 hours of approved training every 2 years.

Click the link below to complete the Intake Assessment Survey and our family, friend, and neighbor resource specialist will reach out with more information and resources: