You may use your Pathway I Early Learning Scholarship at any Parent Aware rated child care or early education program in Minnesota your child attends on a regular basis.

Your child does not need to be enrolled or attending a program at the time you apply for an Early Learning Scholarship. If you need help locating qualifying programs, please contact your scholarship Area Administrator, or Parent Aware at 888-291-9811, or go to the Parent Aware Website ( If your child is currently attending a program, but you would like to explore other options, they can help you with this as well.

Scholarship amounts are based on the Parent Aware rating level of the program you choose.

Parent Aware Program Rating Level Scholarship Amount
Parent Aware Four-Star Rating Up to $8,500 per child
Parent Aware Three-Star Rating Up to $6,000 per child
Parent Aware One- or Two-Star Rating Up to $5,000 per child
Currently in a Full-Rating Pathway Cohort* Up to $4,000 per child

*Starting July 1, 2024, Early Learning Scholarships – Pathway I can only be used at programs with a Three- or Four-Star Rating.