Is my child eligible?

Early Learning Scholarships are for children who were 3 or 4 before September 1, 2022, and are not yet enrolled in kindergarten.

Below is a chart you can use to determine if a child is age-eligible for an Early Learning Scholarship:

Child’s birth date range Is the child eligible for a scholarship starting 9/1/2022 Will this child still be eligible for a scholarship starting 9/1/2023
9/2/2017 – 8/31-2018 Yes No, over age
9/2/2018 – 8/31/2019 Yes Yes
9/2/2019 – Current Must meet a priority category – see below
9/1/2017 and Older Too old to be age-eligible for an Early Learning Scholarsip

Children birth to 5-years old may be eligible if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • A parent of the child is under the age of 21 and currently pursuing a high school diploma or GED.  You must provide written proof of current participation on official letterhead from the organization you are attending
  • The child is in foster care or in need of child protective services
  • The family has experienced homelessness in the previous 24-months
  • The child has a sibling who has already been awarded or is age-eligible according to the chart above.  The younger child must be attending the same program as the older child to be eligible.

Note: Families must also meet income eligibility requirements after meeting at least one of the above eligibility criteria.

Income Eligibility Requirements

Your family must meet at least one of the listed requirements for either Option 1 OR Option 2.

Option 1 – Federally Funded Public Programs

If you currently participate in one of the programs listed below, you must attach an official document to show participation in the program:

  • Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)
  • Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)
  • Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program (FRLP)
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Food Support (SNAP)
  • Head Start
  • Foster Care

Acceptable proof of participation includes: official notice on program letterhead; application with program approval/signature; authorization form from the public program; current bill or receipt from the program; or screenshot from the program’s official system of record.

Documentation must list the date and list either the parent or child’s name to be considered valid.

Option 2 – Income Verification

Attach acceptable proof of all income for each adult listed on the application. This may include one of the following:

  • Previous year’s tax form (must include an INK signature on the document to be accepted)
  • W-2 form from previous year
  • Two most recent pay stubs (for each member of the household with income)
  • Financial aid statement
  • Statement from and employer on company letterhead

If any household has no income, sign and submit the self-declaration of no income on page 12 of the application.

The chart below is based on the 2022 poverty guidelines published in the Federal Register on 1/12/2022 and is valid for awards from 7/1/2022 through 6/30/2023. The household’s gross income must be less than or equal to the amount listed to qualify, or the family must be able to prove current participation in a public program.

Family Size Gross Income
2 $33,874
3 $42,606
4 $51,338
5 $60,070
6 $68,802
7 $77,534
8 $86,266
9** $94,998

**For family units of more than nine members, add $8,732 for each additional member.