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Parent Involvement & Family Events

Parents are a child’s first teacher.  The most accurate predictor of a student’s achievement in school is not income or social status, but the extent to which that student’s family is able:

  • To create a home environment that encourages learning
  • To express high (but not unrealistic) expectations for their children’s achievement and future careers
  • To become involved in their children's education at school and in the community

We have a few things we ask parents to do during their child’s School Readiness year. These requirements are designed to equip you to be your child’s first teacher:

  • Attend a parent orientation session
  • Complete registration paperwork at your child’s preschool.  Pay half of the preschool registration fee (approximately $25).  Pay the monthly parent share of tuition - the amount of the monthly parent share depends on family income.
  • Complete an Early Childhood Screening within 90 days of enrollment in the program. (Rochester residents can call 328-4004 to make a screening appointment.  Out-of-town residents should contact their local school district).
  • Attend three Parent Educcation Groups.

At Parent Education Groups child care for preschool age children is provided while the parents meet.  Many types of Parent Education Groups are offered at no cost to families. To register for a Parent Education Group, please call the PAIIR office at 507-328-4020.

In addition, several Family Events will be planned throughout the year that you are encouraged to attend with your entire family. 

2017-2018 Parent Education Topics

(Click calendar to view dates the topics are offered)

Stress Management (January)
Buttons.  We have had our "buttons pushed" by our sweet children.  What pushes your buttons and how can you respond in a way you will be proud of the next day?        

Reading/Writing (February)
What does early reading and writing look like? We will look at ways we can encourage reading and writing skills in the kitchen, car, bathroom, bedroom, and on the go.

Kindergarten Readiness (March)
Beyond ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s how do we support your little learners to be School Ready?

Behavior Management (April)
Behaviors have meaning!  Let’s chase the why behind some of those challenging behaviors and find parenting tools that will build your parent/child relationship.

Parenting with an end in mind (May)
Parenting with the end in mind.  In 25 years when your son or daughter comes to visit you as an adult what do you hope for them?  How do we help them get there?