Disclaimer Policy

Child Care Aware makes child care referrals, not recommendations. We refer parents to licensed programs; however, some preschools and school age programs are exempt from licensing. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information concerning any provider in our files. We do not license, endorse, or recommend any particular provider, nor do we make any judgment about the quality of care given by any provider. Consequently, we urge parents to interview a provider and to check the provider’s references carefully before leaving a child in that provider’s care.

Confidentiality Policy

All information received from a parent or guardian for a child care search is confidential. Parent names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other information regarding children will not be shared without written consent.

Complaint Policy

Child Care Aware staff may receive concerns and/or complaints about providers via numerous routes. When Child Care Aware determines that the contact is unveiling a licensing violation or an abuse or neglect situation, Child Care Aware informs the individual that we are mandated reporters, but we do not investigate any allegations against individuals. We can take the complaint and forward it on to the investigating agencies, but we strongly encourage any individual to call that agency as well. If the caller wants they can remain anonymous when reporting the incident. Any person or agency reporting abuse or neglect in good faith is immune from any civil or criminal liability suits under MN Law. These concerns and/or complaints will be addressed by the appropriate licensing staff or child protective staff.

Customer Service Policy

Should a customer be dissatisfied with a service provided, or have another type of concern or complaint, the customer is encouraged to call 888-291-9811.