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Provider Business Information

Vacancy Updates

As of July 1, 2013,  Child Care Aware of Minnesota has put a hold on updating vacancies in the child care database and has removed the vacancy update page from the website.  How long this service will be on hold as not yet been determined. A number of factors contributing to this change include:

  • Limited resources of each agency to provide vacancy updates
  • Vacancies change faster than they can be updated limiting accuracy of information.

We recognize that many programs rely on vacancy updates to ensure their program name is passed on to parents in search of child care. We understand and value your marketing needs, so Child Care Aware agencies will be increasing the number of names provided to parents for each referral. Please be assured that parents are receiving your program’s name and contact information when it most appropriately matches parents' search criteria. We are pleased to assist you in advertising your program through our referral services.

In addition, Child Care Aware of Minnesota is working to develop a strategy that will allow providers to update their program information, and eventually vacancy info, in real-time. This will allow you to make changes to business information, including vacancies, to better serve parents with the most accurate information possible. Until then, the Provider Business Update survey will continue and be available online by mid-September. We look forward to your participation.