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Importance Of Quality Early Childhood Development

Importance Of Quality Early Childhood Development

Children who spend their early years in quality child care settings are found to develop better language skills, score higher in school-readiness tests and develop fewer behavior problems in school. They are also more likely to attend college and become homeowners. Child Care Resource and Referral works to bring quality care and education to every child.

Communities benefit from financial investment in early care and education programs. Recent studies document a return to society of more than $17 for every dollar invested in such programs, primarily from savings on welfare, special education and criminal justice costs. Child Care Resource and Referral coordinates the support from government, United Way, corporations, foundations, fees for service and individual donors to deliver this return on investment in our community.

The Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) is a longitudinal study, meaning the same group of children (cohort) is followed over several years. FACES provides key findings related to children’s outcomes and program quality. FACES proves Head Start's ability to help narrow the gap between disadvantaged children and other children in the areas of education and social behavior. According to the survey, most children entering Head Start had early academic skills that were below national norms. However, by the end of the program, Head Start children showed gains in vocabulary, early math, writing skills, and other literacy-related areas. Head Start children also showed growth in their social skills, which better prepares them for cooperative classroom learning.