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Regional Grants are available to licensed family child care programs and child care centers. Regional Grants, and now, Start Up Grants are available for the following purposes:

  • To assist child care providers and programs who are soon-to-be licensed, or have been licensed for less than six months, to purchase items or make improvements that are required by licensing or the Fire Marshall.
  • To assist licensed providers/programs experiencing an emergency that affects their immediate ability to provide child care services.
  • To increase the capacity and quality of licensed infant/toddler care in Minnesota.
  • To increase the quality of child care available through facility improvements, equipment purchases and provider professional development.
  • To provide professional and program development opportunities for school age-care providers and programs.

All Families First of Minnesota sponsored or co-sponsored trainings are considered approved training options. You will be required to complete 12 or 16 hours of training. The cost of participating in this required training is your responsibility. You may choose to include the cost of the required training as part of your grant application. The timeline for completing the training requirement will be outlined in your award letter if you receive this grant. Also, you must complete the training requirement after the date of the grant award and prior to receiving reimbursement for your award. The required training must be approved thorugh the Minnesota Center for Professional Development (MNCPD); all training offered through Families First of Minnesota are MNCPD approved trainings.  Following is the link to access Develop for all of your training needs, www.developtoolmn.org.